174p 20171213 024100 ndj

Here's a comparison almost exactly a day apart taken with the same instrument (iTel T24 at Cloudcroft). The coma diameter has gone from 23.3 arcsec to 29.6 arcsec which I think implies a physical expansion rate at the comet of around 170m/s. I get the following unfiltered magnitudes in a 31 arcsec diameter aperture and using UCAC-4 R mags as reference: 20171211.94495 13.59 # C11 + FLI6303, Chelmsford 20171212.12214 13.65 # iTelescope T24 (FLI-PL09000), Cloudcroft 20171213.11196 13.59 # iTelescope T24, Cloudcroft

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