199p 20220206 jmaikner

My initial quick search for comet 199P, that came up negative. With the discovery of object C7F3342 as a possible recovery of comet 199P, I decided to perform search of my images and found C7F3342.
Object: C7F3352 (Possible comet 199P)
Date: 2022 02 06.359705 UTC
Observer: John J. Maikner
Camera: QHY 268M
Exposure: 40 X 120 sec.
Filters: None
Binning: 2 X 2
Temp: -15.0 C
Instrument type: Astro-Physics Riccardi-Honders
Instrument aperture: 305 mm
Instrument focal length: 1159mm/F3.8
Observatory code W62
Mag: 20.3 G

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