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CBET nr. 3260: COMET P/2012 T7 (VOROBJOV)

    Tomas Vorobjov, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, reports his discovery of a comet on three 120-s images that he took remotely with Alexander Kostin (Houston, TX, U.S.A.) using a 0.81-m f/7 Ritchey-Chretien reflector located at the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter via the Sierra Stars Observatory Network (discovery observations tabulated below) in the course of a minor-planet search survey undertaken as part of the International Astronomical Search Collaboration

(IASC) school campaigns.  Vorobjov asked R. Holmes (Ashmore, IL, USA) to obtain follow-up observations the following night, and twenty-four stacked images taken by Holmes (0.61-m f/4 astrograph; measured by Vorobjov and S.

Foglia) on Oct. 16.4 UT revealed a 6" coma and a tail 25" long in p.a. 260 deg.

    After posting on the Minor Planet Center's NEOCP webpage, other CCD astrometrists have ....

.... Erik Bryssinck (Kruibeke, Belgium; seven stacked, unfiltered, 180-s images taken remotely using a 0.43-m f/6.8 astrograph located at the RAS Observatory near Mayhill, part of the iTelescope network; Oct. 18.3) finds a diffuse coma about 17" in diameter with a hint of a tail 23" long to the northwest in p.a. 316 deg; he adds that astrometry was difficult due the lack of a central condensation.

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