2013us10 20151203 arobertson

I got my first visual view this morning and made a sketch through my 12" Mewlon (will post to you separately). I could see it easily in my 4" refractor but have to confess that I couldn't see it in my wide field 8.5 x 50 bins - you have younger eyes than me Nick :-) Mind you that nearby moon and a fairly close Venus wasn't helping. Visually through the 12" I could see a longish thin tail and a very tenuous stubby tail which seemed almost like an extension of the coma. There was a stellar nucleus. Sketched with a 40mm Pentax e/p giving x90 and a 0.7 deg FOV, detail confirmed with 27mm Pan giving x135 and 0.5 deg FOV. I estimated the longer tail to be about 10' long.

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