2013us10 20151216 grhemann

We are clouded here in Austria. Thus I decided to take an image remotely at the observatory in Namibia. I know the comet is at very low altitude there. Anyway I tried it starting at 4 altitude end up at 11 with a very short time frame of 35 minutes. FOV is small thus I made a two frame mosaic: Object: Comet C/2013US10 CATALINA 16/12/2015 Date: 16 12 2015 UT 02h05m Location: Farm Tivoli, Namibia, SW-Africa Telescope: ASA 12" f 3.6 Camera: FLI ML 8300 Mount: ASA DDM85 Exposure time: Mosaic of two frames LRGB 600/300/300/300 each frame Copyright Gerald Rhemann

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