2014e2 20140813 2325 arobertson

The best view visually was about 11pm (just as astro dark commenced) but steadily deteriorated thereafter as the moon rose higher affecting the overall darkness. I viewed continuously for about an hour trying different magnifications with and without comet filter and with and without UHC (looking for NGC 1491). Try as I may I could not detect NGC 1491 yet looking back at my notes, under a dark sky I described it as seen quite well in my 12" Mewlon even without a filter. Shows just how much difference that moon makes even when only 13 degs altitude. My sketch was made between 2320 and 2330 hrs BST and was noticeably inferior to the view at 2300 hours and as I mentioned nowhere as much detail as the view with the 18" under a dark sky 10 days earlier. The filter again enhanced the view and size of the outer coma. Was there a hint of mottling this time - not sure. About 11pm I had thought that I detectected a couple of dark patches but not seen now. In my inverted view the coma looked more extended upwards which I've tried to show. 15mm Panoptic used for sketch giveng x120 and a 34 mins FOV. Andrew Robertson

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