2014e2 20140827 jnassr

Months of monsoon clouds mercifully parted just in time to capture a quick image of Comet Jacques C/2014 E2 at its closest approach to Earth, 0.565 Astronomical Units away. The comet glows at around magnitude 6.8 and can be seen through 10x50 binoculars under clear dark sky. This is also a long overdue first light image with my newly acquired TS UNC 8 f4 Newtonian astrograph with a carbon tube and Feathertouch focuser. I am happily satisfied with its performance as my medium-field imager at 800mm fl. Date Imaged : August 27, 2014 Lens : TS UNC8 f/4 Camera : D7000 ISO6400 Exposure : 4 x 2 minutes Mount : Losmandy Titan Location : Stardust Observatory, Baguio

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