2014q2 20150116 ddavies

Last Friday evening 16 January I managed to capture ten subs of 60 seconds each of Comet Loveday: 60 seconds between 21:30 and 21:41. These were luminance only images and I grabbed them before calibrating my auto-focuser. Later in the evening I returned to the comet and captured some red, green and blue subs but I have yet to process them. This image has been processed using the Pixinsight Comet Alignment tool, where images of the star background and the comet are separated and processed separately then recombined. Telescope: Skywatcher Equinox ED80 plus a X0.85 reducer/flattener. Camera: QSI 583 wsg plus Lodestar Off-axis guider Mount: Skywatcher EQ6

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