2014q2 20150327 ebryssinck

Image comet C/2014 Q2 (LOVEJOY) taken from backyard observatory, BRIXIIS Observatory with a 0.4-m f/3.8 telescope and SBIG STL6303 camera with Clear, R-Bessel, I-Bessel and V-Bessel filter. Unfortunately there was full moon. Image below is an average of stack of 6 images of 45 sec. Ecah in 2x2 binning The images with the photometric filter R,I and V-Bessel are in particular for obtaining the Af(rho) parameter according the CARA approach. Imaging session: 6x45 sec with clear filter in 2x2 binning, and 2 x I + 2 x R + 2 x V with exp. Time of 60 sec each in 1x1 Binning

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