2015f4 20150328 ebryssinck

Observation of object  S506390 while it was still mentioned on the PCCP with a Takahashi TOA-150 from the Tzec Maun foundation located on Siding Spring Australia. Obect has cometary features and has a central condensation with a faint coma of 13”. Data obtained from 12 CCD-images of 120 sec each with Luminance filter.  CBET 4085 was issued on march 31th and, this object was assigned with comet C/2015 F4 (JACQUES).
     C. Jacques, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil, reports his discovery of a comet on CCD images taken by E. Pimentel, J. Barros, and himself with a 0.28-m f/2.2 astrograph at the SONEAR Observatory, Oliveira, Brazil , the comet showing a condensed coma 8" in diameter……. E. Bryssinck, Kruibeke, Belgium, writes that twelve stacked 120-s images taken remotely with a Tzec Maun 0.15-m f/7.3 refractor at Siding Spring on Mar. 28.74-28.77 show the comet to be strongly condensed with almost no coma visible (size about 13"; red magnitude 15.8) but with a clear tail about 48" long toward the southwest in p.a. 237 degrees.  H. Sato, Tokyo, Japan, reports that…….

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