2015f4 20150811 arobertson


Got a visual observation of above comet with my 600mm newtonian driven Dobsonian last night. It had a small bit of Coma/Tail to it and I made two sketches. Two because when doing the first one I noticed it had moved after only a couple of minutes so had to amend the time of my observation. There is a very distinct movement between the two sketches only 16 minutes apart. With the 8mm Ethos (x340) a small faint stubby tail was noticeable. With 4.7mm Ethos (x575) the tail wasn’t as extended – too low SB I presume for this power but it did almost look like it had two cores which I presume was it moving over a faint star. Anyway an enjoyable observation. N.B. I did have to find this manually as I haven’t managed to download comet empherides to the Argo-Navis unit yet. But once found the drive system kept it nicely in the FOV which made it a lot easier to sketch. Did also get a nice view of 2014 Q2 Lovejoy which is a lot bigger and brighter visually than the stated one magnitude difference between these comets would suggest.

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