2015v2 201612110 hkato

equipment: William Optics Star 71mmF4.9 and Canon EOS 5Dmk3-sp3, modified by Seo-san on iOptron ZEQ25GT, autoguided with Fujinon 1:2.8/75mm C-Mout Lens, Pentax x2 Extender, StarlightXpress Lodestar X2 Autoguider, and PHD Guiding exposure: 5 times 15 minutes at ISO 1,600 and f/4.9 on the comet frame and 1 time 15 minutes on the background frame The first exposure started at 19:45:41 December 10, 2016UTC. location: 1,423m above sea level at lat.35 55 22 North and long. 138 24 30 East near Kiyosato Yamanashi

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