2015v2 20161227 arobertson

my first chance to get on both this comet. Set the 24 up during the day and was observing from 6pm but skies very claggy against the forecast NELM of only 5.0 and 20.8 was my best SQM reading. Clouded over at M/N so partially covered up and got a couple of hours sleep in. Woke at 2.45am and clear again, observing by 3.30am but this time very transparent skies although seeing still poor (Ant IV). I looked to see if I could see the mag 5.5 in UMi and immediately noticed the mag 5.8 one! SQM reading was 21.27 game on! Got on V2 Johnson at 0430 hours using a 13mm Ethos e/p giving x208 and just under 0.5 deg FOV. Immediately saw a short narrow tail. Comet filter dimmed it considerably. Sketched, the tail just touching/passing a faint star, identified later as GSC 03041-0318, m12.5. The other 3 in the sketch clockwise are: HD 126050, m9; VS DT Boo m8.42 to m8.85; TYC 03041-0295 1, m11.

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