2017s3 20180715 jchambo

Image of comet c / 2017 S3 (Panstarrs) on July 15, 2018, photographed just when a second burst of activity was occurring rapidly increasing brightness from magnitude 10,5 to 8. If We compared it with the image that I got on day 9 his coma increased from 3 'to 4', but above all changed its much more condensed and contrasted appearance that betrays recent gas emission still in expansion phase. On the other hand, the development of an ion tail in northwest direction begins to appreciate, although in the image it appears weak and short. Telescope Telescope 8 " n f / 3.8 + Camera Atik 383 l+. 9 min. Of total exposure. Non-compound stacking. Locally from Round Hoya, Valencia (Spain).

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