2017s3 20180728 rroberto

I managed to take the observations of July 28, 2018 which I had forgotten in the observatory of the comet C/2017 S3. The average time in UT is about 01H40M. Unfortunately the full moon still high, the comet high between 18 and 20 degrees and especially many clouds have created quality problems. They are 30x30sec mediated in groups of 3 and then summed. Made with the Cassegrain reduced to F/6.62 of the Frasso Sabino Observatory (diameter 369mm). Scale 1 ". 34/Pixel, north at top and east on the left. 2 elaborations. In one I have warmed up in a logartmic way and in the other only done in false colors. Note the extreme transparency of the coma where you see a star "eclipsed" by the hair but that does not disappear altogether.

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