2018f4 20201218 tprystavski

Both fragments A and B are slightly elongated. This probably means that they consist of number of smaller fragments or debris.
Comet C/2018 F4 (PANSTARRS)
2020 Dec. 18.54 UT m1=15.7: (Gaia Broadband (G)) Dia.=&0.8'
Fragment A: m1=16.4: (Gaia Broadband (G)) Dia.=&0.5'
Fragment B: m1=16.5: (Gaia Broadband (G)) Dia.=&0.5'
[T30] 0.51-m f/6.8 astrograph + CCD;
iTelescope observatory, Q62 (remotely from Siding Spring, Australia)
Distance between components CK18F04a and CK18F04b is ~11"

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