2018v1 20181111 jchambo

New comet C/2018 V1 (Machholz-Fujikawa-Iwamoto) discovered on November 7h 2018 visually by Don Machholz (USA) and photographically by Shigehisa Fujikawa y Masayuki Iwamoto (Japan). In this image taken only four days after its discovery the comet has magnitude 9 at low altitude above horizon, and shows a greenish coma with 5' angular size from which departs a narrow and fain ionic tail towards northeast. Objeto/Fecha C/2018 V1 (Machholz-Fujikawa-Iwamoto) @ 11-Noviembre-2018 12:05 TU Datos captura Telescopio Planewave 20? CDK f/4,5 + Cámara FLI PL11002M. 7 min. de exposición total. Remotamente desde Mayhill, Nuevo México (EEUU).

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