2020f8 20200428 tlovejoy

This is an image of Comet C/2018 F8 (SWAN) from April 28. This is a conventionally processed stack, with standard calibration plus some stretching/unsharp masking. There was a large amount of tail structure apparent, but blurred in this image because of the exposure duration.

Image details: Exposures aquired 2020 April 28 18:42-17:10 UT. 80 x 20 second images stacked with 36cm Celestron C14 @ f1.9 (Hyperstar) and QHY183c camera riding on an EQ8-RH mount. Location: Q80, Birkdale Observer: Terry Lovejoy. 0.72 x 1.08 degree Field of view with North at 153 degrees CCW from up.

Visual Observation 2020 April 28.78; m1=5.9; Diam = 6'; DC=7; 8x42 B [Terry Lovejoy, Birkdale, QLD, Australia] Comparision stars used 107 Aqr (5.6) and SAO192218 (6.2), Comet was obvious in 8x42 binoculars even with direct vision, but not visible to naked eye because of light pollution. A small tail spike could be seen in 8x42 bins.

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