2020f8 20200503 tlovejoy

C/2020 F8 (SWAN): 2020 May 3 18:56 UT. 16 x 20 second exposure with Celestron 36cm SCT @ F1.9 Hyperstar and QHY183c camera riding on Skywatcher EQ8-RH. The field of view is 44.3 x 66.9' and North is 153 degrees CCW of UP. Note: I elected to register on the stars in this image (its not actually a composite) and the trailing of the comet is hidden because the core is over exposed - I get asked that a lot. It's a big challenge to get a long exposure on this comet because not only is the coma moving relative to the stars, but the tail detail is also moving rapidly relative to the coma. Location Q80 Birkdale, observer T.Lovejoy.

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