2023p1 20230909 jchambo

Comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura) imaged during the dawn of September 9, 2023, at an altitude of 1027 meters from the Altos de Salomón, Valencia. The waning moon illuminated the celestial background in this star-rich area in the Leo constellation, while the comet ascended in the sky, showing an extremely long tail of over 7 degrees in length extending beyond the telephoto frame. Although imperceptible to the naked eye and only observable the brightest part with binoculars, the photograph manages to capture the narrow, curved ionic tail, showing filament-like details streaming towards the left side of the main current. A few minutes later, dense fog covered the entire summit, and I had to bid farewell to comet Nishimura until 435 years from now.

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