21p 20180909 fhemmerich

Comet 21P/Giacobini Zinner of this morning (2018-09-09 4:30h - 6:45h UT). Very fascinating the asymmetric color distribution in the tail. Two days before its maximum it moves with its meanwhile more than 6 long tail ( more than 12 full moon diameters) through the wonderful nebula and faint reddish HII structures of the constellation Auriga. Parallel mounting set on one mount (EQ8) without guiding. (1) Samyang 135mm F1.4 (open aperture) with ASI 1600 cooled, monochrome with high-speed hAlpha filter. 40 x 180 sec (2) Canon 200mm F1.8 (own modification, open aperture) with Sony A7s with ISO 4000, 240 x 30 sec for RGB Tenerife 1180 m above sea level.

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