21p 20180926 0515 fhemmerich

Comet 21p/GZ at full moon. It was an experiment! I thought that if I would expose extremely short and often, I might have a chance to differentiate the comet tail from the full moon overexposed background. And voila! I'm glad I tried. Parallel exposure on EQ 8 mount: (1) 410x10sec Sony A7sDS (cooled) ISO3200 Canon 200mm F1.8 F1.8 (IR/UV finter) (2) 60x60sec ASI 1600 monochrome, cooled, Samyang 135mm F2.0 (@2.8) with Baader h-Alpha Higspeedfilter. On a second mount ASA DMM85 (3) 44x90sec RASA 11"/F2.2 StarLightXpress H36 monochrome,cooled_L-pro-filter Tenerife 1180 a.s.l. 2018-09-26 5:15h to 6:45h UT

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