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The Journal of the British Astronomical Association, 2014 April

Volume 124, Number 2

The Great Aurora of 2014 February 27/28, 2 new supernova discoveries from the UK, and fifty years of UK amateur astronomy.

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Selected highlights from this Journal:

Also in this issue

The Association's Memoirs: can you help?
Copies of the Association's Memoirs from the start of the 20th century are needed for digitising and for archive storage
Richard McKim

Refereed Papers

The amateur astronomer, then and now
Bill Leatherbarrow's second Presidential Address explores the changes in amateur astronomy during the past 50 years, coinciding with his own membership of and activity within the British Astronomical Association.
Bill Leatherbarrow
The total solar eclipse of 2015 March 20
Details are given of the visibility of the 2015 total eclipse in Svalbard and the Faroe Islands, and the very large partial eclipse which will be seen from the British Isles,
Peter Macdonald
Thomas Hinsley Astbury: from an English market town schoolroom to the internal constitution of the stars
Who was Thomas Hinsley Astbury, and why was a plaque in his honour erected in a junior school in Wallingford, England? Jeremy Shears examines the life of this English schoolteacher - and important variable star observer.
Jeremy Shears
Timed satellite observation for CCD imagers
By the use of a mechanical shutter in combination with the clear/expose/readout cycle of a CCD camera, multiple images of an artificial satellite or a closely passing Near Earth Object can be obtained, enabling improved astrometric positions and orbital parameters of such objects to be determined.
Grant Privett
Superoutbursts and grazing eclipses in the dwarf nova V1227 Herculis
Profiles of the superoutbursts of the dwarf nova V1227 Herculis observed by the authors in 2012 May and September.
Jeremy Shears, Ian Miller, Roger Pickard & Richard Sabo
The Isle of Lewis fireball of 2013 October 14
An analysis of the bright fireball seen from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, on 2013 October 14
William Stewart