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The Journal of the British Astronomical Association, 2016 February

Volume 126, Number 1

Solar eclipse expeditions in 1936, a spectroscopy workshop in 2015, and how amateur and professional astronomers work together to study Jupiter and Saturn.

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Selected highlights from this Journal:

Refereed Papers

The BAA total solar eclipse expeditions of 1936
Two successful Mediterranean eclipse expeditions promoted and organised by Lesley Comrie and Reggie Waterfield are described.
Martin Mobberley
The need for professional-amateur collaboration in studies of Jupiter and Saturn
The observation of the gaseous giant planets is of high scientific interest. Although they have been the targets of several spacecraft missions, there still remains a need for continuous ground-based observations.
Emmanuel Kardasis, John H. Rogers, Glenn Orton, Marc Delcroix, Apostolos Christou, Mike Foulkes, Padma Yanamandra-Fisher, Michel Jacquesson & Grigoris Maravelias
Focusing by diffraction
A simple, low cost, yet highly effective method for achieving accurate focus of a telescope is described.
Ron Arbour
Faint-state transitions in the SW Sextantis nova-like variable HS 0455+8315
We present the fourteen-year lightcurve of the SW Sextantis nova-like variable HS 0455+8315.
Jeremy Shears, Boris Gänsicke, Pablo Rodríguez-Gil, David Boyd, Graham Darlington & Ian Miller
Saturn in 1997-'98
A report of the Saturn Section.
Richard McKim