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BAA Journal 2015 December

Optical outbursts of the cataclysmic variable 1RXS J140429.5+172352

Journal issue: 2015 December
Pages: 358–361

We present the nine-year lightcurve of the cataclysmic variable 1RXS J140429.5+172352 from 2005 April to 2014 July.  We identified four dwarf nova-like outbursts, which typically lasted 3 to 5 days, with an amplitude of 3.1 to 5.3 magnitudes. Time-resolved photometry during two outbursts revealed small hump-like structures with peak-to-peak amplitude up to 0.5 mag. They occurred on timescales of 20 min to an hour, but did not exhibit a stable period. We suggest that the system might be an Intermediate Polar.

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