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2000 June
Images of Mars in 1999 / TLP in Torricelli B / Amateur spectra of distant quasars / Is the sky clear tonight?...

2000 April
The Liverpool Telescope: A 2-metre robotic telescope facility available to UK amateurs / Asteroidal occultation timed by four UK observers / The first seven UK supernova discoveries / Why do we call the Julian date the 'Julian' date? / IP Pegasi - Outbursts and eclipses...

2000 February
The 1999 Leonid storm observed from the Sinai desert / The infamous Comet Kohoutek / Astronomy and the camera obscura / Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Boston tradition / Book reviews, letters to the Editor and much, much more...

1999 December
More colour images of the eclipse by BAA members / The December meteors: the season's grand finale / Comet prospects for 2000 / Discrete and diffuse aurora observed from Scotland / Spectra of Wolf-Rayet stars and planetary nebulae....

1999 October
Notes from the path of totality, 1999 August 11 / Be ready for the Leonids this November / Rosetta: a scientific keystone / Building a 46cm lightweight Dobsonian reflector / Report of the Council for the session 1998 August 1 to 1999 July 31....

1999 August
Spectra and images of supernova SN1999by / High resolution spectra of a flaring Perseid meteor / The comets of 1994 / An analysis of sunspot cycle 22 / The Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas....

1999 June
1927: a British eclipse / The BAA Campaign for Dark Skies: the first ten years / A permanent pier for a Meade LX200 SCT / Six astronomical books reviewed....

1999 April
The interacting galaxies of Spring / The 1998 Presidential Address: Novae / The automation of solar eclipse photography / Review of 'Linux for Astronomy'....

1999 February
The 1998 Leonids: a preliminary report / From the darkness emerging: Pluto and the Edgeworth-Kuiper belt / Comet Bennett 1969i / Amateur quasar spectrum shows expansion of the Universe / 1997 XF11 - the true story: Brian G. Marsden speaks at the BAA....

1998 December
Colour CCD imaging by British amateurs / Comet prospects for 1999 / Radio emission from the quiet Sun / The Norwich Astronomical Society's observatory / A report on R Aquilae ...

1998 October
Good autumn prospects for meteor observers / A classification of auroral types / Light pollution and the law - what can you do? / White clouds on Io? / Report and Accounts for the session 1997 August 1 to 1998 July 31 ....

1998 August
Iridium satellites light up the sky / Elizabeth Brown, solar astronomer / Experiments in digital meteor astrometry / Supernova 1998bu - an amateur spectrum ....

1998 June
Amateur spectroscopy / Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake): the Great Comet of 1996 / Report and colour pictures from the solar eclipse of 1998 February 26 / Shadow bands recorded on video ...

1998 April
UBVRI photometry using CCD cameras / The comets of 1992 / An ocean on Europa: the evidence from Galileo / Origins of the ancient constellations (Part II) ...

1998 February
The origins of the ancient constellations / Can you see noctilucent clouds (NLC)? / What colour is the night sky? / The Observing Astronomical Society ... [7.9 Kb]

1997 December
Destination Saturn / The colourful skies of Antarctica / The Sun during 1988-1989 / Sir John Herschel and the Cape Results ... [5.9 Kb]

1997 October
Pathfinder at Mars / Prospects for the 1997 Leonids / The Sun during 1980-1987 / Annual Report of Council and Accounts, 1996-97 ... [6.0 Kb]

1997 August
Activity on Saturn / Meteors in August / Amateur observatories / Faint-image detectivity: CCD versus film ... [6.4 Kb]

1997 June
The Tunguska event / Johann Schroeter's 'Extremely Dark Spots of Jupiter' / Everybody's comet ... [7.4 Kb]

1997 April
Hipparcos results change the distance scale of the Universe / A possible new impact feature in the Okavango Delta / POSS and RealSky - the ultimate deep-sky resource? ... [8.7 Kb]

1997 February
More news on the SL9 comet crash; Astronomy on ice; Observing a stellar occultation by an asteroid ... [7.5 Kb]

1996 December
Was there once life on Mars?; Recording the Moon and planets with a video camera; Two bright comets remembered; Cold climate photography ... [7.4 Kb]

1996 October
The worlds of Galileo; Sir John Herschel and the Leeds Astronomical Society; Red supergiants and the Double Cluster; Star colours with a CCD camera ... [7.1 Kb]

1996 August
The dust storms of Mars; the fiery death of Cluster and Ariane 5; why William Lassell didn't discover Neptune ... [7.2 Kb]

1996 June
Comet Hyakutake from Tenerife; BAA observations of the comet collision with Jupiter; UK Nova/Supernova patrol report ... [6.5 Kb]

1996 April
The comet collision with Jupiter; calculating lunar occultations of planets; seven astronomical books reviewed ... [7.5 Kb]

1996 February
Members' reports on the 1995 October 24 solar eclipse; Galileo at Jupiter; stellar spectroscopy with CCDs ... [6.6 Kb]

1995 December
Includes the track and weather prospects for the 1999 solar eclipse in Cornwall. [6.4 Kb]

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