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Back issues of the Journal later than about 1995 can now be ordered through our secure Web page.

Photocopies of individual articles cost 2.00 (minimum) for up to 10 pages, then 10 pence per additional page. All requests for photocopying must be accompanied by a signed copyright declaration form, see below. The minimum cost including postage for any order from outside the UK is 3.00, or 5 US dollars.

Please print this form, and write in block letters. = pound sterling.

To: The Assistant Secretary, British Astronomical Association, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0DU, England.

Declaration and undertaking

I, the undersigned, require the undermentioned copy(ies) only for the purposes of research and private study. I have not previously been supplied with a copy by any librarian. I undertake that if a copy is supplied to me in compliance with the request made below, I will not use it except for the purposes of research or private study.

Signature:  ___________________________________________________

Please supply a copy of the following articles:

Jnl no.   Date        Author         Short title              No. pages   Cost
_________ ___________ ______________ ________________________ ___________ ________
_________ ___________ ______________ ________________________ ___________ ________
_________ ___________ ______________ ________________________ ___________ ________
_________ ___________ ______________ ________________________ ___________ ________
_________ ___________ ______________ ________________________ ___________ ________
_________ ___________ ______________ ________________________ ___________ ________
                                                  Total cost            __________

Prices include UK postage & packing. Please add 1.00 for postage (surface mail) to all orders from outside the UK. The minimum charge for any order from overseas is 3.00 or 5 US dollars: if a credit card no. or a sterling or US$ cheque cannot be sent, we suggest you send a $5 banknote, to avoid prohibitive bank charges.
If airmail despatch is required (recommended), please fax or e-mail for costs. Fax: (+44) (0)20 7439 4629. E-mail:

I enclose a cheque or postal order for the total amount of ____________ (US or Australian dollars also accepted at the current exchange rate), or please charge my credit card: Visa/Access/Switch: ____________________________ (expiry date: __/__)

Name     _______________________________________________________________ 
Address  ____________________________________________________________________________ 
Postcode ________________________________ E-mail ______________________
Tel. No. ______________________ or Fax ______________________(in case of query) 

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