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Author Type Date Page
Sky Notes: 2019 August & September Brian Mills 2019 August 244
Meetings Bill Tarver, Hazel Collett, Jeremy Shears, Notes and News 2019 August 242
The 53rd BAA Winchester Weekend, 2019 April 5–7 Ann Davies BAA Update 2019 August 240
Equipment Review: Celestron Stereo Binocular Viewer Peter Anderson 2019 August 239
Asteroid honour for Raffaello Lena Philip Jennings Notes and News 2019 August 239
Oor Big Braw Cosmos: A cocktail of cosmic science, imagery & poetry
by John C Brown & Rab Wilson
Andy Sawers Book Reviews 2019 August 238
A planetary challenge in Pegasus Stewart Moore Observers' Forum 2019 August 237
Open Season on Corona Australis & its variable nebula Nick Hewitt Observers' Forum 2019 August 236
Letters 2019 August 235
FROM THE BAA ARCHIVES John Chuter Notes and News 2019 August 235
Low-state transitions in the nova-like cataclysmic variable HS 0506+7725 Jeremy Shears Papers 2019 August 232
The larger sunspot groups of Cycle 24 Peter Meadows, Lyn Smith & John Cook Papers 2019 August 222
Photometry & spectrophotometry of the Herbig Ae star RR Tauri David Boyd Papers 2019 August 216
John S. Glasby (1928–2011): a BAA enigma Martin Mobberley Papers 2019 August 203
FROM THE JOURNAL ARCHIVE John Chuter Notes and News 2019 August 202