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Author Type Date Page
Sky Notes: 2018 October & November Brian Mills 2018 October 312
Maurice V. Gavin, 1934–2018 Ron Johnson BAA Update 2018 October 310
Meeting of the Historical Section held at the Smith Art Gallery and Museum, Stirling, Scotland, on 2018 May 26 Lee Macdonald BAA Update 2018 October 308
Successfully starting in astronomical spectroscopy – a practical guide
by François Cochard
David Boyd Book Reviews 2018 October 307
Life on Mars: What to know before we go
by David A. Weintraub
Richard McKim Book Reviews 2018 October 307
Ordinary Meeting & George Alcock Memorial Lecture, 2018 May 30 Alan Dowdell 2018 October 306
The 2018 Spring Meeting, Newcastle on Tyne, 2018 May 5 Janice McClean BAA Update 2018 October 305
Letters 2018 October 304
81mm triplet refractor for sale David Arditti Notes and News 2018 October 303
The ‘Local Group’ and the ‘Seven Dwarves’ Nick Hewitt Observers' Forum 2018 October 301
Report of the Council for the session 2017 August 1 to 2018 July 31 2018 October 284
Introducing the Comet Observation database (COBS) Jure Zakrajsek & Herman Mikuz Papers 2018 October 279
Saturn in the 2008/2009 apparition: Part II Mike Foulkes Papers 2018 October 273
New measurements and analysis of the β Cephei star V909 Cassiopeiae David Boyd & Robert Koff Papers 2018 October 269
The 2012 solar transit of Venus Richard McKim Papers 2018 October 263