[14]  SEB revival and Circulating Current (report, 2007 July 20th)

Here you can see the progress of the SEB Revival and the Circulating Current, in the two attached sets of images. 

The Circulating Current is spectacularly visible at STrD-1.  The individual dark spots involved with it (transferring from SEBs to STBn) are presumably
anticyclonic circulations themselves, as confirmed by their orientations during mergers. Spots d and e merged on July 3-4, on SEBs, before reaching
the STrD; spots a and b merged around July 16, on STBn, after exiting from the STrD.  Spots f and g and are circulating thru the STrD today.

At STrD-2, which appears to be much weakened by the SEB Revival source beside it, no circulation is visible. In fact, two dark spots prograded up
to it in the STBn jet but have passed by it without interruption (apparently just a transient deflection and hesitation; yellow arrows in 'SEBO set').

The SEB is now filled with intricate turbulence both p. and f. the original source.  The disturbance p. it has spread all the way to the Red Spot
Hollow.  F. the source, dark spots are still being created on the SEBs retrograding jetstream, providing many more opportunities to observe the
Circulating Current in the coming weeks.

There is still little disturbance p. the RSH, where the SEB(S) has continued to fade until it is now almost invisible. Indeed the latest images show a
blue streak Np. the GRS, which is typical of the faded state of the SEB.


John Rogers,
Jupiter Section Director,
British Astronomical Association.