[15]  Circulating Current images July 18-25th (report, 2007 July 25th)

Here is another compilation showing the progress of the Circulating Current. Spots f and g have merged while undergoing the U-turn at the STrD, before emerging on STBn.  Spots h,i,j are still entangled in the STrD today.  All the spots appear grey when on SEBs but slightly redder when on STBn. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Meanwhile in the northern hemisphere, it is amazing to see the strong reddish colour. In images of modest resolution it covers everything from NEB to NNTB!  In hi-res images it is located on the NEB and NTB and a segment of NNTB, but the zones between appear grey. This is clearly a sequel to the
violent NTB outbreak.  The SEB may well turn similarly red next year, after its revival is complete.



John Rogers,
Jupiter Section Director,
British Astronomical Association.