[17]  Circulating Current report August 1-12th (report, 2007 Aug 13th)

Here is another compilation of the Circulating Current at STrD-1.  Thanks to
everyone who contributed.  This is probably the last that I can make, as I
am going on holiday after Aug.17, and I'll have to ask you not to send any
more images after that date.

The recirculation of the jet-stream spots, and their mergers, are continuing
spectacularly.  Sometimes observers have noted that it looks like a big new
oval in the STropZ, but this is just an illusion caused by large spots
passing on the opposite jet-streams. 

On STBn, spots de and fg have merged, and spots h and i have merged.
Spot j was delayed in STrD-1 and probably merged with spot k within it.
The big spot L (resolved as a ring after merging with at least 2 spots on
SEBs) did its U-turn at STrD-1 quickly.  But the next spot, p, was held up
in STrD-1 and merged with spot q.
In summary, out of 16 spots that came along SEBs, one small one (c)
disappeared, but all the others have recirculated at STrD-1, and merged with
each other until only 6 are now left: 5 prograding on STBn, and one (pq)
still in STrD-1.

Best wishes,


John H. Rogers, Ph.D.
Jupiter Section Director
British Astronomical Association