[2] Images of Jupiter's Moons.

Images of Jupiter's moons.

Here are 10 sets of remarkable images of Jupiter's moons, provided by observers in recent months.  Many of them resolve surface details.  (South is up in all images. Click on the thumbnail images below for full size versions.

Io repeatedly transited across the Great Red Spot, and transited in front of its own shadow twice within 24 hours either side of opposition.  Both Europa and Ganymede were caught half covered by Jupiter's shadow, on separate dates.  Ganymede revealed several dark regions, two bright ray craters, and the white north polar cap. Paired phenomena of Io and Ganymede were recorded on Oct.17 (and also Oct.13 and 24, below), illustrating the coupling between their orbits.  Callisto is not transiting at present but there is one image of  it passing over the pole.
Also see two other stunning image sets, posted by ALPO-Japan (and by PVOL):

2011 Oct.24, sets by T. Akutsu (multispectral) and by S. Ota, showing double transit of Io and Ganymede and their shadows.

2011 Oct.13, v-hi-res images by J-L. Dauvergne & F. Colas at the Pic du Midi, showing Ganymede (first entering occultation while it emerges from eclipse, then emerging from occultation) and Io (approaching transit).

Congratulations to all the observers.


John H. Rogers, Ph.D. Jupiter Section Director,
British Astronomical Association