[9] Jupiter in 2012/13:  Interim report no.9 (2013 Jan.)

Interim report on Jupiter, 2012 Aug.-Dec.

John Rogers (British Astronomical Association),
including results from the JUPOS team (Gianluigi Adamoli, Michel Jacquesson, Marco Vedovato, Hans-Joerg Mettig & Grischa Hahn)


This report covers Jupiter from 2012 Aug. to Dec., and follows on from our previous reports nos.3 and 6.  During this period, the planet's appearance has become more normal after the drama of the NEB and NTB Revivals, but there is still much complex activity in those regions, and reddish colour is still widespread across the NTB(S), NEB, and parts of EZ.  The NNTB is still absent but we are able to trace the long-lived ovals in the NNTZ, whose recent history is summarised in Appendix 1. The conjunction of the increasingly red GRS with the very red oval BA has also produced a striking appearance.
Along with this report are six Appendices giving further details:

Appendix 1:  NNTZ: Anticyclonic ovals, 2008-2012 (Gianluigi Adamoli & John Rogers)
Appendix 2:  NEBn:  Dynamic interactions of spots
Appendix 3:  Equatorial Band: Tracking the f. end
Appendix 4:  SEBn: A new South Equatorial Disturbance?
Appendix 5:  Zonal wind profiles (Grischa Hahn)
Appendix 6:  Fireballs on Jupiter (Dr Ricardo Hueso)

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John H. Rogers, Ph.D. Jupiter Section Director,
British Astronomical Association