[5] Jupiter in 2013/14: Fascinating phenomena of Jupiter's moons.

Hi all,

Jupiter’s opposition is always an opportunity for beautiful pictures of
the moons in transit with their shadows – sometimes directly in front of
their shadows – and observers have produced some fine examples from the
opposition this month, which are collected in the image set below.

Also, Jean-Jacques Poupeau in France produced a wonderful short movie of
simultaneous III OcD and I EcR on Jan.14. Cick the image below to watch it.

This autumn, Jupiter’s moons will begin a series of mutual eclipses and
occultations (mutual phenomena or ‘PheMus’).  Predictions by Jean Meeus
have been posted by the BAA Computing Section at:

Last time these occurred, in 2009, observers were able to produce the
first resolved movies of the events, as you can see on Marc Delcroix’s
web page:

No doubt some of you will be able to do even better this time around.

Happy observing!



John H. Rogers, Ph.D.
Jupiter Section Director,
British Astronomical Association