[10] Zonal wind profiles from ground-based and Hubble images, 2014 February and April




We have generated zonal wind profiles (ZWPs) from amateur images of Jupiter taken in 2014 Feb., and from Hubble images taken in 2014 April.  The main aim was to record the ZWP for a sector of the South Temperate domain with an outbreak of STBn jet spots.  The STBn jet sub-peak at 29.5šS is found to be faster alongside the STB dark sector (in agreement with previous results), but is weaker or absent in the STBn outbreak sector, where the ZWP agrees with the drift profile of the visible dark spots.  In other latitudes, we find that a cyclonic cell in the NTB has very rapid circulation, whereas the adjacent N.Temperate Disturbance has a normal ZWP.

PDF, which includes mini-figures

ZIP file containing the full-size figures.


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John H. Rogers, Ph.D.
Jupiter Section Director,
British Astronomical Association