[8] Jupiter in 2014/15: Interim Report (Feb 8th, 2015.)

Jupiter’s South Temperate Domain, 2012-2015
John Rogers & Gianluigi Adamoli, using information from the JUPOS team.
In our long-term report on the S. Temperate domain from 2001-2012 [Ref.1], we described major phenomena which evolve or repeat on timescales of several years, and which account for the diverse appearances of this domain.  Here we continue the account from 2012 to 2015, showing how our previous findings have been confirmed by subsequent developments.  In this time, STB structured segment D has collided with oval BA, producing the same effects that we predicted on the basis of the two previous such collisions. These included an outbreak of spots on the STBn jet, similar to previous such outbreaks (which we review in detail here), and documented more accurately than ever before.  Zonal wind  profiles revealed the form of the STBn jet within the outbreak, and confirmed that the STBs and STBn jets are stronger alongside a STB structured segment.  Meanwhile a new structured segment (E), called the ‘STB Ghost’ has arisen and developed, just like the earlier ‘STB Remnant’.  Recirculation occurs from the prograde SSTBn jet to the retrograde STBs jet following the STB Ghost, and in the reverse direction ~20-60º p. oval BA. These recirculations, though presently inconspicuous, may presage the development of the next generation of large white ovals.
Appendix 1 is a detailed report on the S. Temperate domain in 2014/15.

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John H. Rogers, Ph.D.
Jupiter Section Director,
British Astronomical Association

John H. Rogers, Ph.D. Jupiter Section Director,
British Astronomical Association