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These continue our regular comprehensive reports on each apparition of Jupiter; previous ones were also published in the JBAA or in Memoirs.

Rogers JH & Foulkes M (1994), JBAA 104 (no.4), 167-178. Jupiter in 1991/92.


Foulkes M & Rogers JH (2000 Oct.) JBAA 10 (5), 237-252. Jupiter in 1995.


Rogers JH & Foulkes M (2001 April), JBAA 111 (no.2), 67-77. Jupiter in 1996.


Rogers JH (2001 Aug.), JBAA 111 (no.4), 186-198. Jupiter in 1997. Includes: Rogers JH, Foulkes M & Miyazaki I, ibid. pp.197-198, Appendix: Methane band images of Jupiter, 1995-1997. Download in PDF (282kb)


Rogers JH & Mettig H-J (2001 Dec.), JBAA 111 (no.6), 321-332. Jupiter in 1998/99. Download in PDF (208kb)


Rogers J, Mettig H-J, Peach D & Foulkes M (2003 Feb), JBAA 113 (no.1), pp. 10-31. 'Jupiter in 1999/2000, Part I: Visible wavelengths.' 
Download in PDF (617kb)  (Figures are of slightly reduced quality.) 

Rogers J, JBAA 113 (3), 136-140 (2003 June).  Jupiter in 1999/2000, Part II: Infrared wavelengths.  [This includes a review of the properties of various methane filters used for imaging Jupiter.  A PDF file is provided with reduced resolution in the images. Download in PDF


Rogers JH (2008 Feb.) JBAA 118 (no.1), 14-20. 'The accelerating circulation of the Great Red Spot.' [LINK TO PDF]  


Rogers JH, Mettig H-J, Foulkes M, Peach D, & Cidadão A (2008 April), JBAA 118 (no.2), 75-86.  'Jupiter in 2001/02: Part I.'  [LINK TO PDF]

Rogers JH, Mettig H-J, Foulkes M, Peach D, & Cidadão A (2008 April), JBAA 118 (no.2), 75-86.  'Jupiter in 2001/02: Part II.' [LINK TO PDF]



Mettig H-J (2008 June)  JBAA (no.3), 169-170.  The Merlin Medal and Gift 2007: Hans-Joerg Mettig.  


Rogers JH & Mettig H-J. (2008 Dec.) JBAA 118 (no.6), 326-334. 'Influence of Jupiter's South Equatorial Disturbance on jet-stream speed. LINK TO PDF OF THE PAPER   LINK 2 TO SUPPLEMENTARY ONLINE MATERIAL


Rogers JH, Wesley A & Mettig H-J (2009 Dec.) JBAA 119 (6), 311-315.  'The 2009 impact on Jupiter'. LINK TO PDF.


Rogers JH, Adamoli G & Mettig H-J  (2011 Feb.) JBAA 121 (no.1), 19-29. ‘Jupiter’s high-latitude storms: A Little Red Spot tracked through a jovian year.’

(This paper analyses the anticyclonic ovals in the NNTZ, and identifies one which has existed since 1993 or earlier, which we name NN-LRS-1.  A similar reddish oval in the South Polar region has probably existed since 1994 or earlier. The interaction of the ovals with the wind speed gradient across the NNTZ is considered in detail.)

PDF Report

The Supplementary Figures and Appendices of this paper are available as an online supplement at: Online Supplement including Tables

Our comprehensive report on Jupiter in 2000/2001 is in 3 parts, as follows.

Rogers J, Mettig H-J, Peach D, & Foulkes M,  JBAA 114 (no.4), 193-214. Jupiter in 2000/2001: Part I:  Visible wavelengths: Jupiter during the Cassini encounter. View summary. Download complete PDF.

Rogers JH, Akutsu T, & Orton GS,  JBAA 114 (no.6), 313-330.   Jupiter in 2000/2001: Part II: Infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths: A review of multispectral imaging of the jovian atmosphere. View summary. Download complete PDF.

Rogers JH, Cidadão A, Akutsu T, Mettig H-J, Peach D, Orton GS,  JBAA 115 (no.2), 70-78.   Jupiter in 2000/2001: Part III: The South Equatorial Disturbance: A large-scale wave in a prograde jet. [View summary.]
[Download complete PDF.]

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