Professional organisations:

Planetary Virtual Observatory and Laboratory  An up-to-date archive of amateur images (observers are encouraged to post their hi-res images here up-to-date archive of both amateur and professional images  

Juno Cam  Web site for amateur collaboration with the Juno mission.

An excellent account of Jupiter's atmosphere is given in Wikipedia under 'Atmosphere of Jupiter':

Amateur organisations:

British Astronomical Association homepage

Assocation of Lunar and Planetary Observers USA

Assocation of Lunar and Planetary Observers Japan (observers are encouraged to submit there images here.)

Hans-Joerg Mettig's JUPOS Homepage

Hans-Joerg Mettig's JUPOS Homepage (mirror)

Recent maps of Jupiter from amateur images, made regularly by Marco Vedovato (JUPOS team)

DeTeCt:  project with software for scanning your Jupiter videos for fireballs, by Marc Delcroix

Mutual phenomena of the satellites:  Resolved videos, 2009 and 2014-15 (site managed by Marc Delcroix)

Article about methane filters, by Antonio Cidadao

The new BAA Jupiter Section web site

Amateur observers' personal image collections

(some including fine images of other astronomical and terrestrial scenes):

Damian Peach (UK)

Chris Go (Philippines)

David Tyler (UK)

Paolo Lazzarotti (Italy):

John Kazanas (Australia)  

Avani Soares (Brazil)

Trevor Barry (Australia)

Darryl Pfizner Milika (Australia)

Anthony Wesley (Australia)

Efrain Morales Rivera (Puerto Rico)

George Tarsoudis (Greece)

Spacecraft missions to Jupiter:

NASA JPL Planetary Photojournal

The Imaging Node of the Planetary Data System is the curator of NASA's primary digital image collections from past, present and future planetary missions:

OPUS provides access to raw images from all spacecraft to the outer planets

New Horizons: images of Jupiter and Pluto

Hubble Space Telescope images:

Recent HST images (OPAL project)


Juno Mission Site

JunoCam (with amateur participation)