Memoirs of the British Astronomical Association 

Memoirs BAA Vol.43, Part 1 (1990): ' JUPITER, 1973-1977: THE PIONEER YEARS'.

[This Memoir consists of four annual reports, by John Rogers, Richard McKim, John Murray, and Mike Foulkes. They cover the period of the first spacecraft visits to Jupiter, as well as the great global upheaval in 1975.]


Memoirs BAA Vol.43, Part 3 (1992): 'JUPITER, 1977-1981: THE VOYAGER YEARS'.

[This is the definitive account of activity on Jupiter during the years that included the Voyager encounters. It contains four Jupiter Section Reports by Mike Foulkes, Richard McKim, and John Rogers. There is also a 16-page Atlas of Voyager images.]

These Memoirs, edited by John Rogers, form part of the BAA's observational record of visual and photographic observations of Jupiter, from amateur astronomers in Britain and around the world.

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