Maps of the Jovian Moons.

Maps of the Galilean moons

Here is a set of maps of the Galilean moons, from Voyager and Galileo images, with the major features labelled.  These will be useful for observers whose images manage to resolve surface features on the moons.  They are centred on the side that faces away from Jupiter, and extend from the north pole (top) to south pole (bottom) with equal spacing per degree of latitude.  The base maps have been chosen to have moderate resolution and uniform colour rendition, and IAU-approved names have been added for the most conspicuous features (except for Europa whose features are all comparatively small). 

The base maps are either from the U.S. Geological Survey:

(which also provides hi-res maps)

or from Björn Jonsson:

--See their web sites if you wish to reproduce the maps.

For simulated views of the moons as seen from Earth at any given time, you can use the (Ephemerides / Graphics) option in WinJUPOS, available from:



John H. Rogers, Ph.D. Jupiter Section Director,
British Astronomical Association