Reports on the Comet Crash

Final reports on the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts, in JBAA:

Rogers JH (1996) JBAA 106 (no.2), 69-81. 'The comet collision with Jupiter: I. What happened in the impacts.' [Full review of professional results.]

Rogers JH (1996) JBAA 106 (no.3), 125-150. 'The comet collision with Jupiter: II. The visible scars.' [The Jupiter Section Report on amateur observations.]

Rogers JH, Miyazaki I & Limaye SS (1996) JBAA 106 (no.3), 151-154. 'The comet collision with Jupiter: III. The largest impact complex at high resolution.' [Synthesis of amateur and HST images.]

News note:
Rogers J, Foulkes M & McKim R (1997) JBAA 107 (no.1), 3-5. 'The Great Comet Crash: the view gets clearer'. [Review of Paris conference, plus Galileo close-ups of Callisto & Europa]

All these papers are available collated in this pdf Jupiter_impact_SL9.pdf (17.6MB)

Rogers JH, Wesley A & Mettig H-J (2009 Dec.) JBAA 119 (6), 311-315.  'The 2009 impact on Jupiter'. LINK TO PDF.

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