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Live Observations of asteroid 2004 BL86

This is a feed from a telescope in Chelmsford, UK, as NEO 357439 (2004 BL86) passes close to the Earth.
Live Blog
2015-01-27 08:00: The live webcast has now finished. Here is an animation of some of the frames.
2015-01-27 00:48: Now using a different camera with a wider field of view and 120s exposure. I can leave this running and go to bed. It is programmed to slew every now and again to follow the asteroid.
2015-01-27 00:31: Normal service should be resumed shortly...
2015-01-26 22:40. Dave Storey submitted an image from the Isle of Man. The comparison with Chelmsford is here.
2015-01-26 21:40. Denis Buczynski submitted an image from northern Scotland. Interesting to compare with the position from Chelmsford at the same time. Have a look here. There is some parallax over a baseline of around 500 miles.
2015-01-26 21:07: Out of plane geostationary satellite crossing the field from west to east.
2015-01-26 20:33: Sometimes the stars are trailed in these images. This is when the telescope is slewing to a new field centre to follow the asteroid,
2015-01-26 20:18: Just had a look visually in a Celestron 6-inch. Fascinating to watch this moving through the field.
2015-01-26 19:58: Cloud clearing. Asteroid clearly visible now.
2015-01-26 19:38: Persistent cloud in that direction. Very frustrating but still a long night ahead.
2015-01-26 19:23: Single frame taken earlier showing the streak of the asteroid just to the left of the chimney: here.
2015-01-26 19:15: Currently, thick cloud in that direction.
2015-01-26 19:07: I've temporarily switched to single (unstacked) frames to see if things show up better. There is a lot of haze in that direction at the moment.
2015-01-26 19:02: I can see the asteroid in the raw single frames coming from the telescope but the automatic processing used for the live feed doesn't work very well when there are objects in the foregound.
2015-01-26 18:58: Stars are now appearing in the top right hand corner as field starts to clear next door's house roof!
2015-01-26 18:44: Just slewed to point at the asteroid. It is currently only 4 deg above the true horizon here which is behind a house. I expect sky to start emerging somewhere around 18:50. Sky is very hazy at the moment.
2015-01-26 17:45: Telescope is now running, currently pointing near to the pole. Clouds have just cleared but still very hazy here. The live image is a stack of 5x30s frames offset at the asteroid motion (around 160 arcsec/min in PA 16 deg). When it appears the asteroid should be a short streak which is as long as the distance between the dots in each star trail.
2015-01-26 07:20: Page set up, ready to go.