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Lunar GRAIL-Topomap with LTVT


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About this observation
Maurice J. S. Collins
Time of observation
10/09/2017 - 05:56
Lunar Gravity Map
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I used the GRAIL overlay map from LRO Quickmap, imported it into LTVT - Lunar Terminator Visualization Tool. Then used LTVT to combine it with the LOLA-64 Digital Elevation Model (DEM). I set the sun from the North (yes I know that is unusual, but it brings out different features), at 1 degree elevation above the horizon. I set LTVT to not cast shadows so as to see inside craters easier. I then set LTVT to zoom 5.0 and gamma 1.6 and spread it over both my monitors and generated the DEM's. I saved them and stitched them together with Microsoft ICE and added labels in Photoshop. I did this for the near side and far side of the Moon to make the resulting map.


The maps show the Moon in a very new light  and  give a new way of  bringing out  the  details in  Impact  Basins  and High lands.  Set along side  conventional Images of the  Lunars faces  it  shows that  the Moon is an area for  more detailed  scrutiny.

Great  Image .

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