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Asteroid (6925) Susumu and sigma1 Tauri


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About this observation
Alex Pratt
Time of observation
09/09/2017 - 23:44
Asteroid (6925) Susumu and sigma1 Tauri
Observing location
50mm f/1.7 SLR camera lens
Watec 910 video camera
Losmandy G11 mount
1/50th sec exposures

Details of this event were published on the BAA website

I had a nice clear sky and the target star had cleared the nearby roof tops. I used an old 50mm f/1.7 SLR camera lens attached to my Watec 910 video camera via a Pentax-K C-mount adapter.

As well as being a useful observation, a recording of the occultation would have been a good opportunity to promote this subject. Unfortunately, no disappearance was recorded. The asteroid's shadow path decided to go elsewhere... 

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