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Venus Observation


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About this observation
Paul G. Abel
Time of observation
24/09/2017 - 09:04
203mm Newtonian, x200
W#15 Filter
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Two drawings I made of Venus this morning in good seeing conditions.  A streak extending from the terminator out into the south was visible along with a vaguer streak to the north.  Some bright spots were spotted on the limb.


David Basey's picture


Nice sketches as always. I was observing at about the same time as yourself although under less transparent skies. I'm pleased to find that my sketch reasonably matches yours which gives me comfort I might be doing it right!

I too saw the southern and northern streaks although I angled the southern one somewhat differently and made the northern one a bit larger than yourself. Also picked up the dark bands around both cusps. The main differences are that I saw more terminator shading but not the bright limb spots.

Given the difference in aperture, transparency and the vague nature of Venus' marking I consider the agreement quite good. It does, I believe, show there is still value in an observer using eyeball, pencil and paper even in the this age of imaging.

PaulAbel's picture

HI David,

Many thanks for your comments- glad you observed similar features, always nice to have confirmation.  Venus will be returning to the evening skies shortly, so lets hope for a good run of clear evenings!



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