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Triton occults 4UC 410-143659


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About this observation
Alex Pratt
Time of observation
05/10/2017 - 23:48
Triton occults 4UC 410-143659
Observing location
C8 f/10
Losmandy GM-8 mount
Watec 910 camera
OccuRec recorder
Tangra analysis
1.28s integrations
This was a difficult occultation, with poor seeing, an almost Full Moon, its close proximity to Neptune, a faint mag 12.7 target star, an unfavourable altitude, an occasional breeze earlier in the night, etc.
I couldn't use my C11 in my observatory (Neptune was obstructed by local trees) so I had to use my venerable 37-year old C8 on a portable mount. I tried 0.64s integrations but the S/N was poor.

The occultation duration from my location (at 50% flux) was ~2m 10s, with a total duration of ~2m 20s. The D and R phases look to be long-duration events. Perhaps this is expected from my location relative to the shadow path, because my occultation chord was nearer to Triton's north pole than its equator. We're seeing some interesting asymmetry in the light curves obtained from different locations across the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. So far 9 successful UK reports have been received by Tim Haymes and myself.

Worldwide data will be collated by Bruno Sicardy's Lucky Star team who will analyse it to assess the temperature and density of Triton's atmosphere.

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