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Triton occults a 12th mag star near lambda Aquarii


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About this observation
Tim Haymes
Time of observation
05/10/2017 - 23:48
Triton, Moon of Neptune
Observing location
Near Reading
30cm F/4 Newtonian
Wratten-25 filter (Red)
x2.5 Barlow
WAT-910HX video camera
A/D and OccuRec recorder (PC)
Setting 32/50 = 0.64s integration

This rare occultation was predicted by Bruno Sicardy's Team "Luck Star Project" (Paris Observatory) using Gaia DR1+2 star positions. The path was over US, Europe and N Africa, and the prevailing weather front and high winds produced a clearing sky (for once!). This allowed me and other observers to record the star dim right down.(See JBAA 2017 Aug - written by M. Kretlow) and produce this light curve of 140s duration.

 Full Moonlight didnt interfere as much as we thought it might, mainly because the transparency was good. 

My plans for observing this event involved testing a range of focal length options (scale), with and without filters, with and without moonlight in the months leading up to the event. I also tested the capture software and the analysis process. As a result I was confident it should work OK. The weather also obliged.

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