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The Meat Hook Galaxy in Volans


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About this observation
Len Adam
Time of observation
13/10/2017 - 02:50
NGC 2442/2443
Observing location
Remotely from Siding Spring
Single shot colour
Takahashi Sky 90
300 seconds
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As I have not yet set up my equipment in Spain I used a remote telescope at Siding spring to take an image of the "Meathook" Galaxy in the southern constellation of Volans. The 5 minute exposure used a single shot colour camera on a 90 mm telescope. The image was taken using my laptop in Spain at 15h 59m UT when the galaxy was only at an altitude of +37° 21' 41" with an Azimuth angle of 156° 19' 10". On the image the meathook is pointed out and  and a number of other objects in the field are identified.  I solved the plate to be able to identify these. The plate solution gave an angular size for the image (FOV) of 1° 37' 44" x 1° 13' 18”. The central RA of the image is  07h 36m 28.57s and central Dec is -69° 31' 01.5”. The image is 1600 x 1200 pixels. The position angle of the image is 358° 34' from North. NGC 2442/3 is a peculiar spiral galaxy with 2 spiral arms in Volans with a major axis of 5.5 minutes of arc and a minor axis of 4.9 minutes. It is of type SAB(s)bc pec. It lies at a distance of 20.367 Mpc (NED Data). The hot blue star HIP 37720 has a magnitude of 6.16 of spectral type A0IV/V. It lies at a distance of 403 Light Years. (Hipparcos Data). Compare this with the adjacent orange star Tycho 9184:1774. This has a magnitude of 7.19 with a B Mag of 9.06 and a V mag of 7.36 so B-V = 1.7 indicating a cool star. (Tycho Data). This star lies at 276.4 Light Years from us so is intrinsically fainter than HIP 37720. NGC 2434 is an elliptical galaxy with a major axis of 2.4 arcmin and a minor axis of 2.2 arcmin. PGC 21457 is a galaxy of magnitude 13.52, PGC 21369 a galaxy of magnitude 15.04, PGC 21426 a galaxy of magnitude 15.22 and PGC 21323 a galaxy of magnitude 15.24.

It featured in NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day on March 15th 2007 at 


Paul A Brierley's picture

It just shows what you can achieve with a small APO.

Well done.

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