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Wolf-Rayet 1


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About this observation
David Swan
Time of observation
23/01/2018 - 20:49
Observing location
Tynemouth, UK
200mm SCT @ f/6.3
FireCapture and RSpec
121 x 5s
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I calibrated to wavelength by marking the zero order pixel and inputting a dispersion of 10.9 angstroms/px. The calibration can be improved when I identify the peaks. It looks very like the spectrum on Robin Leadbeater's page of the same object, so I must be doing something right! David


allenhugh10's picture

Hi David,

Another nice spectrum. I say in my talks on spectroscopy that it is the opposite of supermarket economics; you get one star for the price of two! A good way to calibrate with the Star Analyser is to capture the spectrum of a nearby A- or B-type reference star, ideally no more than +/- 5 deg dec from the target. The strong Balmer lines can then be used to calibrate the target spectrum and the shape of the reference can be used to correct the target spectrum for instrument response and atmospheric effects. It’s invaluable 



djswan2002's picture

The advice is always appreciated. My RSpec trial ended recently, and I’m battling with the free software and accompanying example files the mo. This workflow you describe seems a good plan for when I resume taking spectra.

allenhugh10's picture

For several years now Matt Armitage has asked if I would do spectroscopy as part of his Astrophotography Courses series. The link is here Matt does make a charge and the courses are based at his boat yard in Banbury - not sure if either the cost or location are attractive to you, but it is an opportunity to climb much more quickly the learning curve. For example I cover both RSpec and BASS software for data reduction. Anyway I'm always happy to offer advice at any time



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