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Ceres - John Sussenbach


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About this observation
John Sussenbach
Time of observation
29/12/2009 - 15:00
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On February 25, 2009 Ceres will be the closest to the Earth for the next 1000 years. Reason the more to try to image the dwarf planet. With its 0.83" it has the size of the theoretical resolution of an 11 inch telescope. As a comparison I used Denebola. Despite the fact that collimation was not perfect, the disk of Ceres is clearly visible. Perhaps other members would like to try. Atmospheric conditions:          Seeing 7/10, Transparancy 8/10 Telescope :                              Celestron C11 with Televue 3x Barlow and Astronomik RGB filters Camera:                                   DMK2AF4.AS Exposure time:                        1/5 sec; gain 100%; gamma 40%; per color  2x 2 min exposures total of 980 frames Processing:                              Registax 4.0 and finally per color 500 best frames stacked

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